Quality footcare now open in St Martins/Opawa.

My brand new, purpose-built Podiatry Clinic is now open, at 28 Hawford Road, Hills end of Hawford, by Beckford Road.

Services include -

  • general foot care (toenails, corns, callus) Your feet will simply look and feel the best they can be!
  • Ingrown toenail specialist surgical and non-surgical care to relieve this painful problem
  • Children's foot and leg pain/complaints. Gait (walking) assessment, Injuries, 'growing pains', 
  • Adult foot pain and injury diagnosis
  • Orthotic options - diagnosis and prescription, and on-site modification.

I am a highly experienced, registered Podiatrist who has worked in Christchurch for 20 years in both Public and Private healthcare. From my Sports Clinic days, to the Canty District Health Board, to my private clinic in Ilam -(FootPrints). Barbara Rennie Podiatry is my 'forever Clinic'!

Pricing - 

  • Podiatry consult (including treatment) - $68
  • Surgical treatment - $270 (includes dressing pack and a follow up appointment)
  • Orthotic prices vary, but are always discussed with you prior to use.

The benefits of seeing a registered Podiatrist?

  • Expert care and advice for all foot related problems - and leg injuries benefited by orthoses (foot, heel and ankle pain, shin splints, knee pain, some hip and spine issues - where related to excess pronation at the foot)
  • Sterile instruments - nothing touches your feet, that hasn't been sterilised to surgical standards.

My hours are flexible at present - but a booking is essential.

Please Phone (03) 331 8377